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Financial Tips

Ask and You Will Receive

Many of the obstacles which prevent people from accomplishing their goals and dreams are not complex issues; they can often be simple problems which are relatively easy to resolve. Sometimes persons create self-made barriers without recognising that they are sabotaging their own success.

When it comes to money, people will find all types of excuses to explain why they cannot break away from their financial pressures, and take steps that will lead them into a more secure financial position. Very often, one small step is all that's required to get the momentum flowing in the desired direction.

Trying to find solutions to perplexing money problems can be confusing for the average person who doesn't have any experience in financial matters. Too many people think that because they don't know the answers, then they are forced to live with their challenges forever.

Ask for assistance

One of the ways in which you can hinder your financial progress is by your reluctance to ask for help in situations about which you are uncertain. Why continue to struggle unnecessarily when a resolution for your issue could be found by asking someone who might be more knowledgeable about the matter?

There are many considerate experts around the world who are willing to share information on topics which can help you to achieve your financial objectives. If you are reticent to request help, here are some tips that can allow you to become efficient at asking meaningful questions that bring results.

Ask without fear

Many people are afraid to ask for support with their money concerns because they are afraid of what other people will think of them. Whether they are ashamed about their inability to handle the problem, or they are scared that others will spread gossip about their situation, they prefer to suffer in silence.

While it is possible that your personal affairs could be discovered by other people, pretending that everything is okay or ignoring the matter will only make it worse. You have to be honest about your issues and be willing to face any negative repercussions that could arise from trying to get help.

Ask the right sources

When you have money questions, it's important to find suitable people or resources to provide you with the correct answers. Sometimes people speak to colleagues or relatives who are not qualified to give guidance, and then end up making the wrong decisions after following their faulty advice.

For example, if you received a lump sum that you wanted to invest, you should first ask an investment advisor to explain your options. You may also go to trustworthy, experienced investors who have a track record of success with their own funds, to suggest suitable investments for your needs.

Ask with clarity

Another issue that prevents some persons from getting assistance with financial matters is that they are not sure exactly what they are asking for. Many persons say they need guidance, but they give vague descriptions about the actual nature of their money problems.

Even if you are uncertain about the root causes of your challenges, when you ask for help you should outline the issue you are facing and what you want to achieve. So you could say, "Every month I have to borrow money to pay my bills, and I need to find a way to manage my expenses within my income."

Ask with positive anticipation

Some people are so pessimistic about their ability to improve their condition that they actually destroy their chances of finding solutions. James 1:6 in the Holy Bible says "When you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind."

If you are asking for help to find a venture to earn some part-time income, don't jinx your progress by declaring that you are terrible at selling so it probably wouldn't work. A better approach is to admit that you need assistance in overcoming your fear of sales, and have an open mind to possible solutions.

Ask and then act

One of the disappointing realities is having persons who ask for help, but never carry out the necessary steps to fix their challenges. Requesting assistance is not enough for success; you also have to be willing and determined to continue through until your issues are resolved.

Sometimes you might encounter a stumbling block because the answer to your question is 'no'. Keep asking, anyway, until you hear a positive response. You may also have to ask different questions from various persons before you find the perfect prescription for your problem.

If you develop the skill of asking the right questions from the right people, you will find that the road to accomplishing your money goals becomes a lot smoother. As you learn more and experience little victories along the way, pass on your knowledge to others who will begin to look to you for answers.

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